Jun 01

In April 2009 I went skydiving with a couple of colleagues. I uploaded the photos on Facebook last year already but I never thought of uploading the video until now.

We did the Level 1 AFF which is the first of 10 levels to become a capable skydiver. You exit the plane at 11 000 ft with 2 instructors, one on each side of you, you have to go through a couple of drills. I had to open the parachute at 5500 ft, then you are on your own. You then need to get the parachute safely down to the ground, luckily that wasn’t too difficult.

You start your training at 07:00 up until about 12:00 then you are ready to go, I did my jump just before sunset so I had enough time to get stressed out about it. Was I scared? Hell yes, I thought I would be OK but when I got in the plane reality kicked in and thought it might not be a good idea. Quitting wasn’t an option… As soon as I jumped out of the plane I forgot everything, I wasn’t thinking straight and tried to swim. Luckily I got myself together and went through my drills, still had time to look at the camera and wave.

It was an awesome experience and if I get the chance to do it again I will definitely do it! Below is part of the DVD of my jump.

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May 14

Two more videos from MTN Bike Park. Will have to go there again sometime to get some more, still about 3 or 4 single tracks that need to be recorded. Check out this link if you want to see some more videos MTN Bike Park
Enjoy! Continue reading »

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May 06

A while ago I read the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris which is an awesome book where he give you tips on how to escape your 9-5 job. He also make a couple of¬†recommendations¬†of other books that is good to read. The first book he suggested was The magic of thinking big by David J. Schwartz, so I decided to get me a copy. I have read a couple of motivational, self-development books this past year and this is by far the best one. Continue reading »

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May 04

I recently discovered the MTN Bike Park in Johannesburg and been there a couple of times now. The whole setup is very nice, and it is easy to access the different single tracks, making it easy to ride a certain trail over and aver again.

The single tracks differ from easy flowing trails with small obstacles to intermediate and difficult ones with bigger obstacles and some steep climbs with a couple of nice drops as well. Continue reading »

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Feb 10

Google has announced Google Buzz, it’s latest addition to social media. A lot of communication is happening online these days and has become the most used way to share interesting information. You can stay connected to more people and tell everyone what you are up to in real time (if you would like to). Continue reading »

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